Rain Water Goods

The features and benefits of multi-metal rainwater goods…



  • High Quality Material
  • Durable: high life expectancy
  • Superb aesthetics
  • Strength not affected by U.V.
  • Strong in any weather conditions
  • Sleeve Connection on pipes
  • Good flow rates & discharge of water
  • Self-locking downpipe brackets

Additional features and benefits of PLULINE ON ZINC & COPPER

  • Speed of installation
  • Made of pre-weathered QUARTZ-ZINC® and ANTHRA-ZINC® or Copper
  • Concealed brackets
  • Fast and simple installation
  • Minimal expansion and creek



This is to describe the main technical characteristics of VM ZINC, AURUBIS AND PREFA products.

The specification and installation of these products are the sole responsibility of the architects and building professionals who must ensure these products are used in a way suited to the end purpose of the construction and that they are compatible with other products and techniques used.

The specification and installation of the products implies respecting the standards in force and the manufacturers recommendations. In this regard, hard metal manufacturers publish and regularly update specification and installation manuals for the specific geographic areas and provides training courses. All the information on the latter can be obtained from the local VM ZINC, AURUBIS AND PREFA websites.