Lead Products

Metal Processors supply window weights, ballast weights, lead chimney trays/slates and lead lined radiation shielding boards.


Metal Processors provide a wide range of extruded window weights, designed to facilitate the balancing of window sashes.

Window Weights are available in round & square in various desirable lengths with centre holes. The standard centre hole size is 10mm which allows for the use of rope or chain.

The variety of sizes we offer provides the flexibility in ensuring the optimal balance is met.


Metal Processors supply ballast weights and stocks of ingots are readily available for immediate dispatch. This can be supplied in one or two division ingots.


Metal Processors can supply to order ready-made chimney flashings.

If you have any special requirements please contact us as we can supply to your own specification.


Ready-made weathering slate for weatherproofing of pipes through tiled or slated roof.


Lead is an extremely efficient material for the purpose of radiation shielding. Lead has several properties that make it suitable as radiation shield. Lead’s primary advantage is it high density and atomic number, creating a highly efficient radiation shield that does not absorb any radiation.

Secondly, lead is extremely malleable and flexible, making is easy to process quickly. The processing costs of lead are also lower than those of alternative products. In contrast to concrete, for example, lead panels can easily be disassembled and relocated in construction or restructuring work.

Finally, lead delivers excellent environmental performance, primarily due to its 100% recyclability.

In short:  Sustainable, Flexible, and Protective.